#wscm guestbook 21 July 2010

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by in Guestbooks

A fantastic roll up today with a few surprise visitors like the ‘Unofficial Chief Happiness Officer on Twitter’ @iconic88 popping by to share some inspiration with us. Andrew B and Tony H cycled great distances to join us also which was really appreciated.

A few gadgets were on display including Trish’s Lenovo ideapad.

Today go and visit the charity one of our regular #wscm group, Adam, supports. They shelter and rehome many of Sydney’s lost and abandoned pets.


Johanna Bouwman @uncapideas www.uncapideas.com.au
Adam Furner @Sydneydogsncats www.sydneydogsandcatshome.org
Trish Gorring @IngressOnline www.ingress.com.au
Sheryl Cole @_SherylCole @sharessmiles www.sherylcole.blogspot.com www.twospoonfulsofsugar.com
Tracy Pendergast @tracyatpentica www.pentica.com.au
Penny Walters @PennyWalters www.creativeastrologer.com
Tony Cosentino @thewordpressguy  @thelatteguy www.thewpguy.com.au www.thelatteguy.com
Lisa Perkins @avatarlisa www.avatarepcpacific.com
Fiona King @pollystreet www.pollystreet.com
Andrew Blanda @AndrewBlanda www.myproactivelife.com www.andrewblanda.com
Tony Hollingsworth @Hollingsworth http://tonyhollingsworth.wordpress.com/about/
Mahei @iconic88 http://www.google.com/profiles/iconic88

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  1. Johanna Bouwman 21 July 2010 at 5:34 pm #

    It was great catching up with Trish, Adam, Penny, Lisa and you this morning – as well as meeting Tony H.

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